ComboStrap Styling - Marki Language

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ComboStrap implements in most of its components the marki language. It's a simplified version of the HTML language and follows the same rules.

Below, we describe the syntax, they all have in common.


Every marki component follows this syntax

<component type name1="value1" ... nameN="valueN" >
<!-- content -->


  • Boolean attributes does not need any value to set them to true
  • If your value does not have space, this is not mandatory to enclose it between quotes


Every component implements also a set of styling attributes


<component color="blue">
  • The dimension attributes (width and height) are also taken into account in each component. You can write:
<component width="100px">


Due to security concerns, the HTML attributes are by default not supported.

You may use the class but not the others such as the style because it allows attacks such as ClickJacking.

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