ComboStrap UI - Styling


Styling in ComboStrap is the possibility to render every component as you wish.

ComboStrap has three levels of styling:


Bootstrap Stylesheet

ComboStrap is based on Bootstrap and comes with pre-packaged stylesheets. You can even create and install your own bootstrap stylesheet.



This functionality gives the possibility to the web designer to create their own theme and to customize every possible layout template.



The standard attributes are:

Name Description
Dimension Take control of the width and height
Align Align your block component
Spacing Master your layout at the pixel-perfect details
Color Text, Border and Background color made easy with name and declarative gradient
Elevation Add a shadow and elevate your component
Float Position a component to the right or left and let the content flows along its side
Lang Set the language and direction of your text
Position Position a component inside a container
Clickable Make a whole component such as a card clickable
Text align Align the lines inside a block
Line Spacing Set the height between lines of text
Opacity Renders a component more or less opaque / transparent
Boldness Set the weight of a font (from thin to bold)
Font Size Set the size of the characters.
Underline Underline one or more characters
Print Hide component on print


  • OnVisible - Add an animation when a component become visible
  • OnHover - Add an animation when the mouse is over a component


Every component is a html superset and you can therefore use the class for advanced styling.

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