What is a template ?

If your content does not fit, change it

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A template applies a layout to a page.

ComboStrap comes with built-in templates that you can use to change the layout on the fly for a particular page.

Choose the template that is the right fit for your content.

Layout Element

Holy, the holy-grail layout

Median Layout

Medium, a layout for readability

Landing Layout

Landing, a layout for landing pages

Index Layout

Index, the layout for index pages

Blank Layout

Minimal, the minimal printable layout

Blank Layout

Hamburger, the three layers layout

Layouts are important.

Layout Funny

How to set the template for a page?

You can set the template:

Page Layout Metadata Manager

  • via the template URL property.

Example: to see this page with the blank template, click on this link.

How to customize or create a template?

It's possible to customize a template.

App templates

App templates are templates for app pages such as login, register, etc.

The user doesn't see them but as a Web Designer, you can customize them. Check out the corresponding page: App Templates

What are the default templates?

The default templates are:

These are defaults that take into account by default the type of content:

  • home and index pages are landing pages
  • item pages are content pages

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