Create your footprint that last ForEver

Advertise yourself, your documentation or your company with a product that makes website design, creation and management,
unique, easy and fun

Large base of UI Components

ComboStrap have a large UI components library.

Google Material Design Included

ComboStrap implements the last version of Bootstrap and exposes all its design functionalities.

But it does not stop here and apply also the Material Design recommandations. That's why you get also the possibility to apply skin to your components in order to set the emphasis.

Themes Extra-Loaded

ComboStrap comes loaded with a lot of pre-packaged themes provided by differents bootstrap stylesheet.

We explain even also how you can create and install your own stylesheet.

Styling made easy

Basic styling should not be an hassle that's why all ComboStrap component supports “built-in” a common set of basic styling attribute such as width, align, color.

Third Sidebar with Dynamic Grid

A website layout is not something that should be fixed in stone.
With ComboStrap, you can go beyond the Bootstrap grid system of 12 columns to 16 columns and gain some space for a right sidebar.

SEO ready

The Search Engine Optimization module will help you define the description or get back authority by recovering broken back links and more.

URL Management

A website is living and pages are moving around. To not break the navigation and influence badly your SEO authority, you can define a page id (canonical) or redirection rules.

Page Metadata included

With the frontmatter component, you can add easily the metadata that you want.

It helps your SEO ranking but it also enable permalink and transparent redirections with the canonical (Page Id)

Ad System Ready

With the ads module, you can put ads wherever your want (in sidebar or in the main page).

If you are a publisher trying to find a monetization channel, this module tries to find the best balance between user experience and revenue.