ComboStrap Styling - Skin attribute (Button Emphasis Control)

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skin is a ComboStrap styling attribute that defines the emphasis level of your button by applying a set of standard styling attribute on:


<component skin="value">

where value is one of:

  • contained
  • filled (default)
  • outline
  • text

This attribute is used mostly with the button but it works also only on the following components:

Skin and Emphasis Level

Name Emphasis Level Text
Medium Elevation
Contained High 🗸 🗸 🗸 🗸
Filled (Default) Medium 🗸 🗸 🗸
Outline Low 🗸 🗸
Text Normal 🗸



With a button

<btn secondary skin="contained">Contained</btn>
<btn secondary skin="filled">Filled</btn>
<btn secondary skin="outline">Outline</btn>
<btn secondary skin="text">Text</btn>


With a note

<note skin="contained">A Contained Note</note>
<note skin="filled">A Filled Note</note>
<note skin="outline">An Outlined Note</note>
<note skin="text">A Textual Note</note>

A Contained Note

A Filled Note

An Outlined Note

A Textual Note


With a card

<card primary skin="contained" spacing="my-2">A Contained Card</card>
<card primary skin="filled" spacing="my-2">A Filled Card</card>
<card primary skin="outline" spacing="my-2">An Outlined Card</card>
<card primary skin="text" spacing="my-2">A Textual Card</card>

A Contained Card

A Filled Card

An Outlined Card

A Textual Card

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