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ComboStrap UI - Markdown


ComboStrap can render markdown syntaxes and this page lists all supported syntax.



The Atx Heading is supported as Heading.

# Heading 1
## Heading 2


The precode is supported via the Indented code block component

  • Input:
    Indented code
  • Output
  Indented code

The fenced code block is supported via the Code component

  • Input
<div>Fenced Code Block</div>
  • Output:
<div>Fenced Code Block</div>


We support the double asterix syntax for bold emphasis (ie strong)

  • Input:
**double asterisks**
  • output

double asterisks

The syntax with two underscore __ is actually not supported because it's the syntax that is used by the wiki language to specify underline.


list are supported but with two spaces at the start of the line.


  *   Red
  *   Green
  *   Blue


  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Horizontal Rule

Horizontal Rule are supported by using four or more dashes. See also the horizontal rule component for more styling possibilities.

  • Input:
  • Output:


Because the markdown syntax was never fully specified, there is a lot of different flavor. We follow in order the following specification:

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