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The code component permits to format block of code and add features such as:

  • syntax highlighting
  • clipboard copy
  • line numbering


You can create block of code like this one:

<code html line-numbers="true">
    <p class="hey">Lorem ipsum</p>

If you want to shows the output of web language such as HTML, Css or Javascript, you can also use the webcode component.


HTML Super Set

A code block can be expressed as a HTML super set component


<code language line-numbers="true">
 ... Your language ...

It follows the full syntax of the prism component where the tag name should be code


We support also the Github fenced code block where the code block:

  • is wrapped by 3 backticks ` or tilde ~
  • and the language may be specified

Example of an HTML code block.

  • Output:


Enable / Disable HTML Super syntax

The code_enable configuration permits to enable / disable the HTML super set syntax and goes back to the default dokuwiki code block output.


To set the theme, see ComboStrap - Prism

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