ComboStrap UI - Block


A block component is a component that wraps/encapsulate:

If the component should start at a new line or expand on multiple line and you can draw some border around it, that's a block.

List of block component

  • Blockquote: A block of text with a citation.
  • Box - a generic box for advanced styling
  • Card (teaser): Do you want to put a text in a box with optionally an image and a button, that's a card
  • Code - a block of code
  • Comment - a comment
  • Console - a block representing the output of a command
  • File - a file
  • Jumbotron: Prominently at the top of your page emphase a content.
  • List - a list
  • Math: Writing math formulas
  • Note: An ancillary text that needs attention.
  • Related: A component showing the backlinks
  • Slide - A slide used to create landing page or hero content
  • Text - Create one or more paragraph with the same styling
  • Webcode - Output the result of web code (HTML, Javascript, CSS)
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