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jquery is available in the strap template.



To get the JQuery Version, you need to open the Browser console and type

// and


Jquery Version Browser Console

jQuery Conflict with Bootstrap 4

If you use bootstrap version 5, there is no conflict, only the Jquery of Dokuwiki is used.

Bootstrap 4 is packaged with a Jquery and therefore we have a conflict with the jQuery of DokuWiki and we need to choose.

By default, the jquery version is:

You can change this behavior with the JqueryDoku configuration in order to use only the Jquery bundle of DokuWiki.



As Bootstrap 5 does not use Jquery anymore. This configuration become obsolete from release 1.13

The JqueryDoku configuration tells the stap template to use the Dokuwiki Jquery and not the Bootstrap Jquery Version for anonymous users.

It may add inconsistency with Bootstrap. If you need a front-end component that use Jquery UI, contact us to see if there is not already a bootstrap component.

Since version 1.6

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