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A Hierarchical Breadcrumb is a breadcrumb that shows where the page is located in the page system tree in hierarchical order.

The label shown is the page name.

Combostrap offers two types of hierarchical breadcrumbs:

  • navigation: the full breadcrumb that should appear once on a page
  • typographical: a text that can be used in a iterator fragment to show the page categories


A navigational hierarchical breadcrumb:

Illustration: Breadcrumbs are often placed horizontally before a page's main content (in the main header). You will find it on this page at this location:

Combostrap Hierarchical Breadcrumb

You can add a navigational hierarchical breadcrumb with the following syntax.


The output for this page is:


A typographical hierarchical breadcrumb permits to print the parent's pages as text.

This breadcrumb type can be used in a iterator fragment to print the page category as a subtitle.

The depth attribute represents the number of levels that should be printed backward


Depth of 1 will print the parent page

  • Markup
<breadcrumb typo depth=1 color="muted"/>
  • Output


Depth of 2 will print the parent and grandparent page

  • Markup
<breadcrumb typo depth=2 color="muted"/>
  • Output:


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