The page path metadata

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The path is an identifier for a page in the page system.

It represents the fully qualified path in a wiki form (ie the path separator is a : colon)

You can't set a path, the path is protected page metadata.

It can be seen in:

This metadata is known as pagename for Dokuwiki.


In a page content

A path can be used as variable:

You can create links for instance:

The path of this page is ''$path'' and you can use it in a link: [[$path|link to this page]]
  • Output:

The path of this page is :docs:page:system:path and you can use it in a link: link to this page

In a template

You can also use it in a theme template as variable.

{{ path }}


By default, this is the value that is reported in a third analytics tool such as Google Analytics but you can use the permanent canonical path instead.

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