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search is a markup component that will output the search box of the internal search engine

It can be placed in a menubar component.


Quick Access

The search component has:

  • the f accesskey. In chrome, Alt+shift+f will bring you in the search box.
  • a tabindex of 1. Which means, if you do on Windows Alt+D + Tab, you comes directly in the search bar.

Page List Suggestion

When typing in the box, an auto-completion feature will show a list of pages that match the search term against the following metadata:

Example when you type the search term Search on this website:

Pagelist Search Box Combostrap

Search expression

You can enter the following expressions in the search box to refine your search for a term (known below as the search term):

  • starts with
  • ends with
  • contains
*searchterm* @mynamespace





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