Internal Search Engine


The internal search engine permits to search a page via search terms.


ComboStrap supports the following search engine features.

You can add a search box (generally in the menubar).


Internally, if a URL is not found, the user is redirected to the search engine in last ressort.

Third party application Integration

The search engine is also advertised to third party application such as:


The internal search engine is advertised to the browser

  • When a user starts to type the name of a website in the address bar (alt+D)
  • It will see a Search WebSite box
  • When typing the tab key, it will then be able to enter a search term
  • Typing the enter key will then bring the user to the search page of this website.


The user doesn't need to go to a page and uses the search box

Search Engine

The internal search engine is advertised to the Google Search Engine via the website page type.

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