ComboStrap Site Metadata - Logo


A logo is an icon that illustrates your website and is part of what's called branding



Your logo is used as default page image illustration:

You can use your logo in the brand component of the top navigation bar.


    <brand title="ComboStrap Home" color="#075EBB" width="30">
  • Result:


The browser uses it as favicon.

Identity page

In the identity forms such as the login, profile or resend password page, the logo is used to reenforce branding.

To create and install your logo, you should follow the favicon getting started article.

Order of precedence

ComboStrap searches a compliant logo in the following places by order of importance. This list uses the png format but the same order is used for others format such as svg

  1. :logo.png
  2. :wiki:logo.png
  3. :favicon-32×32.png
  4. :favicon-16×16.png
  5. :apple-touch-icon.png
  6. android-chrome-192×192.png



Logdust is an open source collection of logos with designs of various cool shapes and types.

Logolab is a nice piece of software that extracts the most important function of a logo and shows yours in different context.

Characteristic Definition
balance One side shouldn’t draw all of the attention.
color It should works not only in color (black and white included)
color blind color blindness proof
scalability Be seen in different sizes from really big to really small
containers A logo should fit into a few common shapes.
pixelated The logo form is still visible at low resolutions.
blur blurred logo demonstrate the first glance (quick recognition)
slices Recognizable even when only seeing a small part of it
app icon Render as icon app on a mobile device.
attention Attention comparison with other logo
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