ComboStrap Metadata - Article Page (News, Blog)


article is a type of page that defines a page where most of the content is textual and is meant to be read.

This type of page understands also the subtype:

  • news
  • blog


  • wiki article,
  • news article,
  • blog,
  • piece of investigative report

If you don't defined a published date, the creation date is taken.


Google Rich Result

Setting a page to article enables:

Google understands the following article type that we matches to the following type values

Value Google (
article Article
news NewsArticle
blog BlogPosting


Facebook uses the article type to create cards and follows the article ogp type.



When a page gets the article type, the below properties are automatically added.

Google (ld-json) Facebook (ogp) Description
datePublished published_time When the article was first published - The published date or the creation date if not available
dateModified modified_time When the article was last changed.
author author Writers of the article
headline title The headline of the article (ie the first 110 characters of the title)
Na description The description of the article Na The name of the publisher (the dokuwiki wiki title configuration)
publisher.logo.url Na The URL of the logo
image image Image that belongs to the article (The page image)


With the manual json-ld property, you can also add extra json-ld properties.

For instance, if you want to add a keywords property

    "json-ld": {
        "keywords":"article, json-ld, semantic"


By default, ComboStap will set the page image.

Google recommends to provide multiple images with

  • a high-resolution (minimum of 300,000 pixels when multiplying width and height)
  • the following aspect ratios: 16×9, 4×3, and 1×1.

You can create them and set them with the image property even if the standard does not allow it.

    "image": [
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