How ComboStrap tackles SEO to bring you more visitors?

Focus on your content, we focus on SEO

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Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the process of making your website optimized for search engine (Google, Bing, …) to get to the top of their result.

On a website level, it means:

Seo Google Search Impact

SEO Subject

Page Metadata

Search Result Page With Metadata Explained

The following data are used heavily by Search Engine in their algorithm. They are set by default and can be changed to meet your needs:


Image illustrations are attention catchers for your readers, search engines, and social media.

That's why all pages get:

  • an illustrative image that is relevant to their content
  • a social image for twitter, facebook and other social network.

ComboStrap does not let a page without any illustrative image. If a featured image or featured icon is not set, it will use the the first image or an ancestor image.

Thanks to the page image component, you can choose the image that you want to use:


We make sure that there is enough contrast ratio for color in the text.

It's used in:


There is so much to say that we have created a dedicated page.


Low quality pages have a big impact on the SEO score. The quality module aims to score, monitor and protect the quality of your website.

Quality module


discoverability is the science to be easily discoverable and understood by search engine.

By default, you need to enable it or change the following configurations.

  • The sitemap is a important element and should be enabled.
  • the indexdelay delayed the indexation of modified pages by the search engine. To disable this anti-spam feature for an open wiki, you need to set it to 0


The Combostrap page renders automatically as card in:

Indexing Warnings

To reduce indexing warnings by the search engine, we disable actions when the railbar is private.

For instance, the search engine would index the media manager and returns a bunch of Excluded By No Index Tag.

Excluded By Noindex Tag Google Console

Web Core Vital

The web core vitals are the most critical SEO metrics.

You have:

  • Largest Contentful Paint: that measures the time needed to paint what the user will see
  • First Input Delay: that measures the time when a user can interact with your page (after the execution of all scripts)
  • Content Layout Shift: that measures how the visual element shifts around.

We got feedback that the Content Layout Shift was not satisyfing. After investigation, it boils down to the fact that javascript of third plugins may alter the page visual even if they are not needed for the page.

If you want to increase your Content Layout Shift score, you can disable the javascript for public user (ie for the search engine).

XHTML compliant

All the HTML page generated follows the internet standard and are generated to be easily crawlable and indexed by any search engine.

For more information and to check your generated HTML pages, see this article: ComboStrap - Quality XHTML compliant

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