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A sitemap is a file that search engine will read in order to get a list of all your pages and add them to their index.

Dokuwiki comes with a sitemap component that pings automatically search engines but you still need to configure it.

The following pages are not included in the sitemap:

The sitemap file is available:

Search Engine Console

If you want that Search Engine crawl your website quickly, you need to add your domain to their registry and set it.

For instance, in Google Search Console.

Sitemap Google Console


You can also graphically explore the sitemap on the sitemap page.


Missing pages

If you miss some pages:



To enable the sitemap generation, you need to set the config%3Asitemap configuration with a number that defines a period in day that is not zero.

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Sitemap Google Console
ComboStrap SEO - Sitemap

A sitemap is a file that search:enginesearch engine will read in order to get a list of all your pages and add them to their index. Dokuwiki comes with a sitemapsitemap component that pings automatically...
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