How to generate a list of events?

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This howto shows you how you can generate a list of pages event with the iterator components.


Open your tag iterator component

In your document, begin by opening your tag component:


Select your pages

Then add your page selection with the page sql.

We select the active page events:

<data>select from pages where date_end >= now order by date_start asc</data>

Define your fragment

Then define your fragment as being:

  * from ${date_start | format()} to ${date_end | format()} - [[$path|$title]]

Close your iterator component and save

Write the closing tag and save your page.


The result

You obtain this result on this website.

Apply your layout

You can use any component to layout your pages.

For instance, you can add them in a grid:

How to generate and layout a list of pages with a grid and their image?

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