ComboStrap URL - Page Alias


A page alias is an extra path value for a page.

If a page has an alias that corresponds to the path of a missing page, a redirection is performed.

You can see them as symlink or shortcut for a file system.



A redirect alias is an alias that will perform a permanent redirection.

This type of redirect are automatically created:

For instance:

  • if you have a page at the path fruit:pear.
  • if you move the page to another location such as fruit:tree:pear
  • the page fruit:tree:pear will get the alias fruit:pear with the type redirect


A synonym alias is an alias that will perform a transparent redirection. The page will be served normally as if it was also existing to the synonym path.


You can create, delete and see the aliases for a page with the metadata manager.


You can query the aliases with the following statements:

select * from page_aliases_vw;
  p.path as page_path,
  pa.path as alias_path,
  pa.type as alias_type
   page_aliases pa
   inner join pages p on pa.UUID = p.UUID;
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