Page Move


ComboStrap supports the move of a page via the move third party plugin

For each page move, we:

How to move a page

You can quickly move a page with the rename action in the railbar.


Search Index

The move plugin is based on the search index.

If you make a new installation or move pages around on the file system be sure to update your index with the searchindex manager to avoid any broken link.

Lock File

If for any reason such as an index that is not up to date, you got a problem during a move, the plugin can let a lock file at DOKUWIKI_HOME/data/locks_plugin_move.lock.

This file should be deleted, otherwise you may get strange behavior. For instance, the move plugin will not save any of its processing and it will purge the cache each time for locked page.

To prevent any more damage, we don't allow any move if the lock file was created more than 5 minutes ago and we send you a notification.

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