How to create a Permalink ?

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permalink are short links that will be permanently accessible even if the page is moved


A generated permalink is a link that uses the page id as page path

As the id is guaranteed never to change, it's the real / true permalink.

  • You can add a permalink to your page with the permalink component.
  • Result: The generated permalink for this page is:

A generated permalink performs a permanent redirection to the page url


A named permalink is a link that uses the canonical as page path

Note that a canonical is not a true permalink as it may be modified (It should not, but you never know)

  • You can add a named permalink in your page with the permalink component:
<permalink named strict="false"/>
  • The named permalink for this page is:

A named permalink performs a permanent redirection to the page url.

  • By adding strict=false, no link is shown and no error is reported if a canonical is not present.
  • For the named permalink, you can set a default canonical value with the autocanonical feature. It allows using this feature without setting the canonical value for each page.

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