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This is an informative page about nice URL

What is a nice URL ?

Dokuwiki uses as main entry the script doku.php and by default every page URL looks like that

This URL has technical information (ie the name of the script doku.php) that can be stripped off to let only the semantic information. A nice url would be

How to get a Nice URL?

You should:


Nice Url Parameters

htaccess is a misleading option name as it just means that the web server is configured to do the rewrite. You can configure any webserver, not only Apache. We personally use Nginx.

What Combostrap can do with URL?

ComboStrap can't rewrite the URL to use the script doku.php as it depends on it.

But Combostrap can show page at different URL

Example: because this page has the nice:url canonical value, the page is also available at:

Important Configuration

The Dokuwiki Configuration that are important to get nice URL are the following one:

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