ComboStrap Ads - Automatic In-Article Ads


In-article Ads are ads that will show up in the page content.

This is an automatic placement which means that they follows a set of rule that:

  • spread the ads roughly to have one ad on the screen.
  • does not break the reading experience by placing them before a heading and not between paragraph.

This placement conforms to most of the Ads network rules.

How to enable automatic in-article ads ?

Enable the Renderer

The Combo Renderer is responsible to inject the ad in the page.

You need to configure it as your renderer.

Exclude the ads page from the index

Because the ads are stored as page, they are by default added to the index.

You need to set a configuration to prevent it.

See ComboStrap Ads - Global Configuration

Create your ads

At this point, no ads is shown because no ads have been created.

To show in-article ads, you need to create Ads pages that follow this naming convention.


where X is the Ads number in the page and starts at 1.

For instance:

  • the ad page inarticle1 will contain the first in-article ad.
  • the ad page inarticle2 will contain the second in-article ad.



AdsInArticleShowPlaceholder is a configuration that will show a placeholder when a in-article ads page is not found.

This is a debugging configuration and is therefore by default off.

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