ComboStrap Ads - Automatic In-Article Ads

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In-article Ads are ads that will show up in the page content.

This is an automatic placement which means that they follows a set of rule that:

  • spread the ads roughly to have one ad on the screen.
  • does not break the reading experience by placing them before a heading and not between paragraph.

This placement conforms to most of the Ads network rules.

How to enable automatic in-article ads ?


By default, in-article ads are not enabled.

You need to set the combo-conf-007 configuration to on.

Exclude the ads page from the index

Because the ads are stored as page, they are by default added to the index.

You need to set a configuration to prevent it.

See ComboStrap Ads - Global Configuration

Create your ads

At this point, no ads is shown because no ads have been created.

To show in-article ads, you need to create Ads pages that follow this naming convention.


where X is the Ads number in the page and starts at 1.

For instance:

  • the ad page inarticle1 will contain the first in-article ad.
  • the ad page inarticle2 will contain the second in-article ad.



AdsInArticleShowPlaceholder is a configuration that will show a placeholder when a in-article ads page is not found.

This is a debugging configuration and is therefore by default off.

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