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A footnote 1) is a syntax component that permits to add reference that will be added at the foot of the page.

Footnotes are used most commonly to provide:

  • references (bibliographic citations) to reliable sources,
  • explanatory information or
  • source information for tables and other elements.

Without cluttering the body of the document, footnotes allow you to add:

  • notes,
  • citations
  • and references.

When you create a footnote, a superscript number with a link appears where you added the footnote reference. Readers can click the link to jump to the content of the footnote at the bottom of the page.


  • A footnote 2) is delimited with two parenthesis.
(( your footnote content goes here and you can add a [[|reference link]] ))
  • You can also use cite for citation


  • The footnote
A footnote ((A [[this>footnote|footnote]] about a footnote)) permits to add a reference in the footer of the page.

=== Reference ===
  • The result:

The formatting in the demo is broken because it runs in a iframe but it should not be in your installation. The proof is that we have added a footnote in this page and the formatting is correct.


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