itext: applies typographic effect to characters or words

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itext is a typographic component that permits to applies typographic effects to one or more characters / words.


<itext attributes></itext>


Note that the color attribute can take all color values and the specific text colors:

  • body: the color of the body
  • muted : light gray
  • black-50 : 50 black
  • white-50 : 50 white



With boldness:

  • Input
This text is a <itext boldness="black">black text</itext>
  • Output:

This text is a black text

First letter

With the font-size attribute

  • Input:
<itext font-size="h1" bold>T</itext>he first letter has the same size than the first heading
  • Output:

The first letter has the same size than the first heading


This example shows the color values specific to the itext and text component

<itext color="body">Text with the body color.</itext>
<itext color="muted">Text with the muted color.</itext>
<itext color="black-50">Text with the black-50 color.</itext>
<itext color="white-50" background-color="black">Text with the white-50 color.</itext>

Text with the body color. Text with the muted color. Text with the black-50 color. Text with the white-50 color.

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