ComboStrap Page Metadata - The Metadata Viewer


The ComboStrap Metadata Viewer is an utility that renders a box with all known page metadata's in a raw form without any filtering.

It's used mainly for support purpose.

You will see:


You can:


The metadata viewer is accessible via the metadata manager


You can render the metadata of a page with the metadata tag

<metadata title="Metadata" exclude="tableofcontents|user"/>


  • title is the title of the box
  • exclude is an attribute with a regular expression pattern that permits to exclude metadata from rendering.

Output without the table of contents and the user properties


  • aliases :
    • 0 :
      • path : ':docs:semantic:viewer'
  • canonical : ':metadata:viewer'
  • creator : ''
  • date :
    • created : '2022-01-09T21:17:00+00:00'
  • description :
    • abstract : 'The ComboStrap Metadata Viewer is showing you the page metadata while editing it.'
    • origin : 'frontmatter'
  • keywords : 'web,metadata,data structure'
  • low_quality_indicator_calculated : false
  • name : 'Metadata Viewer'
  • page_id : 'onyh0nm03xkqnuq7ul29h'
  • references : NULL
  • title : 'The ComboStrap Metadata Viewer'
This message was fired by the ComboStrap Metadata Viewer



This configuration set the default attributes of all metadata box.

By default, the value filters the table of contents.

title="Metadata" exclude="tableofcontents"
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