ComboStrap - Lazy Loading


lazy loading is the loading of resources such as image only when:

  • they are on the screen (ie visible)
  • or are going to enter on the screen

ComboStrap supports and enables by default the lazy loading of:

Background color

While the image is loading, the user will see a background-color as placeholder that appears with a fade effect.

The default color is set in the configuration lazyLoadingPlaceholderColor but you can change it with the standard background-color attribute.

  • You can use a color value
  • You can use a css color value
  • You can't use a bootstrap color value

Example with a dark color.


We have added padding (spacing=p-3) to be able to see the background. Without the spacing attribute, the background-color is only seen when the image is loading



If the media loaded is heavy, the user sees a box with a background color that fades gracefully.

With this configuration, you can change the placeholder background color.

By default, the value is: #cbf1ea

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