Release 1.22


This is one of the biggest release of ComboStrap so far.

And a lot more. See below for the whole details.


We don't publish new release when they have not been tested by our key clients. Unfortunately, some users have seen it and have published it on Dokuwiki on their own. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The last version is the 1.22.1 that corrects bug found during the production phase test.

The most well severe bug are:

  • crash when a page is created because of a missing page id (null error because sqlite returns an empty string and not null)
  • the page image was deleted from the frontmatter if enabled when the meta manager was used.


List of changes





  • The acronym / name of a icon library follows the library name of the iconify search engine. Therefore:
    • for bootstrap, bs is now bi
    • for material design, md is now mdi
  • To support the old icon library, the icons are not moved to the new directory.
  • The country metadata is now known as the language region to be more accurate as the region is often but not always a country.
  • The buster key has been changed to tseed to be in line with dokuwiki.
  • The best end page name redirection algorithm will create an redirect alias if the score is bigger than 2. This behavior can be disabled with the BestEndPageMinimalScoreForAliasCreation configuration.
  • The url manager is now known as the router to reflect the fact that it routes request to the correct page. This is due to the new permanent url and ban features.
  • The hierarchical breadcrumb uses now the page name in place of the title (Sort of bug)
  • Because of the autocompletion for the search box, Popper was needed and strap template now does not use the Bootstrap bundle but includes bootstrap and popper. No changes should be seen expected the fact that popper is now available in the global scope


  • After a change in the svg optimization, the svg shown will not refresh. Cause: The static cache buster was using the time of the original SVG file and not from the optimized file.
  • Not able to navigate to an heading from a link fragment for a internal link. Bug: the fragment was not qualified as fully section id (letting spaces in it)
  • The first rendering of a SVG would be empty. The cause root was that the buster calculation of the static cache would close the rendering of the svg and the src would set not be added. Resolution: we make a difference between request and response attribute and we have added an error message when the tag attributes are finalized twice.
  • The svg cache was not dependent on its optimization configuration.
  • The new date format was not applied on the published date causing a not valid date error message.
  • A page move would create two pages in the database. The move is now automatically replicated making it consistent.
  • Bug: The media statistics was crashing the page because it was asking the image and not the media file on third media such as video, pdf, …
  • lazy load on small raster image was showing a broken image at page load because the placeholder was not set.
  • bug: outline numbering was not reset for the heading level 3
  • facebook: the mime type of the image was returning only the first letter of the mime (A refactoring has modified the mime type to a string in place of an array and as php allows to take the first element of string (ie a letter), no error was reported) - A test has been added.
  • The redirection message was not shown when the redirect to search engine was performed.
  • footnotes styling were missing
  • The diff panel had no styling.
  • If there was a point in a page path, the default page name was deleting all character after this point thinking that it was an extension.
  • The configuration headingWikiEnable was not in the configuration panel.
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