Release 1.21



This release brought an improve templating system:

A lot of diagrams have also been added and a big performance boost on static resources.


With the advent of the iterator, we have standardized the analytics name. If you have queries running on the statistics data, you should change them. All count name are now singular. For instance: internal_backlinks_count is now internal_backlink_count, emails_count is now emails_count, …



  • The event page to create event.
  • New : the date page that describes the date format supported in metadata.
  • backlinks:
    • Added the backlink page to give more information
    • The pages table get also the backlink_count column

New Diagrams



  • An error is send when a page variables is not found.
  • In a sql, the column attributes have been made optional.
  • If the page sql has an error, a error message is returned (ie the page does not crash)
  • Not all page attribute can be used to filter the pages, an error message is returned if this is the case
  • The sql filter attribute have been expanded with 7 new attributes
  • More date format are now supported
  • A HTML page cache file may have an empty content due to timeout (or any other problem), we delete the cache in this case.
  • Related follows now the useheading configuration of dokuwiki
  • New XHTML page that shows the quality of the HTML page generated



  • The prism component uses now the last version 1.25 with added language support for highligting (ie mermaid)


  • The railroad could overflow. There is now a lift if this is the case.
  • The railroad SRI browser control is not the same, we have added also the version number in the path.
  • A space would be missing after an acronym link in a note. ie the space before the and in [[path|ACCR]] and would have been deleted.
  • The email link if containing a subject would not be in a good HTML format.

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