ComboStrap - Release 1.19


This is a minor improvement release with bug fixes. The most improvement has been made on the toolbar.

The toolbar:

  • has been renamed to railbar to not confound with the toolbar of the editor
  • is now grouped by type of tool
  • is also available in mobile screen.
  • is made available in an offcanvas from a configurable breakpoint




  • The trail breadcrumb was renamed to historical breadcrumb to reflect more the content (Trail being a design term) and it has moved from the strap template to the railbar because it has a lower importance than the page content.




  • The sidekick railbar icons have been grouped by type of tool (ie user, page, website)
  • The sidekick railbar is available on all screen size and goes now in an offcanvas from a configured breakpoint (default to md)
  • pipeline cut function allows a range selection. (ie all token after the first separator for instance)
  • page-explorer: all templates got default value and have then been made optional.
  • In page-explorer, the home template follows the page template if not present. If the home tag is present but empty, the home section is not shown.
  • page-explorer got the custom generated class for custom styling
  • page-explorer: the home page is now the first element in a tree. It was after the child namespaces making it difficult to spot.


  • semi-bug: Page request with the config:send404 config enabled would return a 404 even if a page with a canonical was found. Because the http status is set at the beginning, we can't change it, we send therefore an error message
  • bug: the toolbar editor for a blockquote was closed not with a blockquote tag.
  • bug: the http header content security policy were send after output causing the below warning. They are now send when dokuwiki starts.
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\DokuWikiStick\dokuwiki\lib\tpl\strap\main.php:157)
in C:\DokuWikiStick\dokuwiki\lib\plugins\combo\action\metacsp.php on line 82
  • Minor bug: they the Jquery-ui closing icon was not showing up. As reported on this conversation, we have moved the Jquery-ui library to be called after the bootstrap library.

  • Bug: Page protection was returning an authorization code in place of a filtered list of result causing an error when searching.
  • Bug: tooltip was not working with Jquery alone because of a case error (ie jQuery.fn.tooltip.Constructor in place of jQuery.fn.tooltip.constructor)
  • Bug: page-explorer javascript would throw an error when the current page was not in the created tree because it would try to open the directory or set the link as active.
  • Bug: The fixed-top menu height correction was not applied on the image detail page, leading to the heading and a part of the image to be cached under the page header. The railbar was also missing and has been added.
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