ComboStrap Release 1.18


ComboStrap - Release 1.18


This release is a SEO focused release.

As extra, the tooltip component has been largely enhanced and has permitted to add the preview functionality to link.






  • The old tooltip syntax was deprecated for a tooltip seen as a child of a component


  • With the automatic canonical, two pages with the same last two parts could get the same canonical and get this errors:
The page (viz:viz) and the page (data:viz:viz) have the same canonical. ''viz:viz''

To resolve this problem, we delete now the last name if it's the same than its previous. The page viz:viz gets the canonical viz and the page data:viz:viz gets the canonical data:viz.

  • The windows share link was broken. \\share became \\\\share due to the new mandatory string transformation. A string is no more transformed as string.

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