ComboStrap - Release 1.24


ComboStrap - Release 1.24


This is the release documentation of the ComboStrap version 1.25.

The main information is that this release brings:


This are the actions that you need to take:





  • The linkwizard used in the search box performs a search on each term and is now case insensitive.
  • Svg/Icon optimization: when a path has a fill attribute of none on icon we delete it (See new support article: Support - Why is my svg / icon not rendering correctly ?)
  • For a solid icon, if the color is set, we delete all fill attribute in path element.
  • For a outline icon, if the color is set, we delete all stroke attribute in path element
  • Internal: Added the notion of markup ref in the link in order to be able to call the link component to add link that comes not from the content, (ie share link)
  • The brand component has been improved and supports all brand icon included the brand of the actual app. It can be seen as a super interwiki that follows the branding.
  • The manifest got:
    • an automatic test
    • an id (now required)
    • any sizes on svg to bug fix the value set by dokuwiki (17×17, 512×512)
  • The svg illustration were shrinking on a table with the css property width: auto !important;: we have added the width attribute in this case.
  • The illustrative image in a card will stretch to take the whole horizontal space (if too small, we get a blur effect but not white space).
  • Cache expiration does not purge the cache of the actual requested page. It creates a request for a new rendering that is done in the background improving the performance.
  • The eva and carbon icon library are now optimized. They got rectangle in their source that was appearing as completely black. The rectangle is now deleted.
  • The snippet system has been completely revamped to get more consistent output and easier snippet declaration.


  • The snippets could be missing randomly. The snippets are now saved at the same time than the slot html output, making it less likely to miss if the rendering is stopped inadvertently.
  • When the page url was permanent, the page info were not refreshed. The rev was not up to date and the edit button would not see that the page may have changed via the metadata manager (frontmatter)
  • Admin / Media manager page:
    • they were not working correctly and were sending back junk. This was caused because the output is mainly generated by echo statement and the buffer was quickly full. We start the action that are not show now in the middle of the page.
    • they could use markup syntax and the css/javascript snippet were therefore not present. The snippet are now flushed in the content if this is not a page rendering.
  • The page replication in the database was broken because the test was not checking the database replication date against the page date.
  • The non-outline heading description cames into the toc, modifying the previous outline heading.
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