How to update Combo or a third party-plugin?


How to update Combo or a third party-plugin?


This page lists the standard steps that needs to be taken in order to update your ComboStrap installation and third-party plugins.

Combo Upgrade Steps

For each new release, there are two steps to perform:

  • Updating the combo plugin
  • Refreshing the index

How to update the combo plugin?

Because of the memory error, the Combo plugin needs to be updated manually via the manual install tab.

Extension Manager Dokuwiki Manual Install

How to refresh the index?

To refresh the index, you can do it:

How to update a third plugin such as SQLite?

Unfortunately, the update process is not scoped to the plugin updated but to all plugins. It means that you will get a memory error when you try to update a plugin if combo is installed and enabled.

To update a third plugin, you need to disable combo before updating a third-party plugin.

For instance, for SQLite, the manual install steps would be:

  • Disable Combostrap

Dokuwiki Disable Combo

  • Go to the SQLite
  • Click the Update button
  • Enable Combostrap

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