ComboStrap - Platform Requirements

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This articles lists the installation prerequisites of ComboStrap.



ComboStrap supports the php version 7.4 up to 8.2.

Module / Extension

ComboStrap uses Php DOM for svg and icon manipulation.

ComboStrap is dependent on the following php extensions

Extension Mandatory Definition
pdo_sqlite Yes Sqlite is the database
mbstring Yes Multi-byte string permits to manage all language
openssl Yes SSL for security reason and message digest
intl No the international module is used to retrieve the country of the server if not set.
gd2 Yes for vignette creation and raster image manipulation

They should be available on standard php installation, if this is not the case, you can install/configure them


  • on Windows in the php.ini file
  • on Linux
# ubuntu, ...
sudo apt-get install php-xml php-pdo-sqlite php-mbstring php-openssl php-intl php-gd2
# ubuntu 8.1 (The names may need to be adapted to your repo)
sudo apt-get install php8.1-xml php8.1-pdo-sqlite php8.1-mbstring php8.1-openssl php8.1-intl php8.1-gd2
# ubuntu 8.2 (The names may need to be adapted to your repo)
sudo apt-get install php8.2-xml php8.2-pdo-sqlite php8.2-mbstring php8.2-openssl php8.2-intl php8.2-gd2
# centos, redhat
sudo yum install php-xml php-pdo-sqlite php-mbstring php-openssl php-intl php-gd2

Upload Limit

Not a requirement but as the default size is only 2M by default, you may want to change the minimum upload size.


upload_max_filesize = 15M
post_max_size = 15M


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