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The search index manager is a supported plugin that will recreate the search_index

If you change a lot of page or after a release, the search index manager should be run to update/rebuild the index.

Search Index

The search index is an index of your page that powers:

The index is updated 1) incrementally page by page when a visitor see a page.

The move plugin depends on it to retrieve the backlinks and make the corresponding rewrite

If you don't want to create broken links don't forget to rebuild your index if you have added pages externally (ie moved from an other installation via the file system, not via the web interface)

Install and Access

Admin Railbar

How to check if the Combostrap index was updated

The combostrap index is a table in the SQLite database

On the Admin page, you can:

  • click on the SQLite interface
  • select the combo database
  • enter the following query and execute
SELECT count(1) from pages;
  • The result will give you the number of pages indexed.

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