ComboStrap Analytics - Sqlite Database


All ComboStrap data are stored in a Sqlite Database that you can query online



The database schema has the following tables:

Depending on your history with our plugins, its name may be:

  • combo.sqlite3
  • webcomponent.sqlite3 (older)
  • 404manager.sqlite3 (older)

Combo Secondary

The secondary database contains data that can be lost without loss of service such as:

  • runtime data
  • and log

The secondary database contains the following tables:

  • redirections_log - the log redirection history
  • events_queue - a event queue table used to execute tasks in the background.
  • opts - an internal table that manage the database version don't delete

File Location

The database are stored at DOKUWIKI_HOME/data/meta/.


If you have a high traffic, we recommend to use the write-ahead log to reduce blocking. By default, Sqlite uses the old traditional journal.


select sqlite_version();
  • Modify the journal to write-ahead log (WAL)
PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL;
  • Verify the new journal mode
PRAGMA journal_mode;
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