syntax_count - Analyse the syntax of your page

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syntax_count is an statistics that shows the number of times a syntax (ie component) is used.

You can then analyse the syntax of your page.


For one page

Asking for the json statistics of a page, you would see a list of key / pair properties where:

  • the key is the syntax
  • the value is the number of occurrence on the page
"syntax_count": {
	"p": 8,
	"combo_frontmatter": 1,
	"section": 5,
	"monospace": 21,
	"combo_link": 7,
	"combo_badge": 1,
	"combo_code": 2,
	"table": 1,
	"tablethead": 1,
	"tablerow": 2,
	"tableheader": 5,
	"tablecell": 5,
	"combo_button": 1,
	"listu": 2,
	"listitem": 16,
	"listcontent": 16

SQL analytics

Syntax Summary of your website

select syntax_count.key        as key,
       sum(syntax_count.value) as value
from pages,
     json_each(pages.ANALYTICS, '$.statistics.syntax_count') as syntax_count
where json_valid(pages.ANALYTICS)
group by key
order by value desc;

All pages with a button

This SQL is an example that shows all pages that have a button

	json_extract(analytics, '$.statistics.syntax_count.combo_button') as button_count
where json_extract(analytics, '$.statistics.syntax_count.combo_button') is not null
order by id

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