ComboStrap Library Credits

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Combostrap is built on the shoulders of amazing pieces of software and illustrations. This page gives them credits.

Software / Library / Image Usage
Dokuwiki This is the wiki engine that powers the creation and parsing of the page
Bootstrap This is the styling platform where you can choose from several stylesheet bootstrap or create your own
Bootswatch The pre-created Bootstrap themes
Icon libraries See the Icon Component to see them all
Undraw and Unsplash This image libraries are used for the illustrations of this website
Lozad This is the lazy load engine delaying the download of image when they are going to enter in the screen
Prism This is the code highlighting engine that powers the prism base component such as code, file, console and indented block
ScrollMagic This is the engine that start the animation when a component become visible
Animate The CSS animation library applied to component when they become visible
Php The backend language
HTML and Javascript The frontend languages
Home Page Photo Women doing Yoga by kikekiks
Svg Injector The library that injects the svg in the page
Masonry The library that drives the masonry layout
RRDiagram The library that drives the railroad component
Sharer and sharingbuttons The library that drives / inspired the share buttons
GlideJs The carrousel engine

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