Link Wizard

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To insert a link into your page, you can use the link wizard in the editor.

Link Wizard


  • The search occurs in the page name, title and heading 1
  • The link created uses as label the page name
  • The text match (title or h1) can be seen when hovering above the label.
  • With the keyboard, you can:
    • open the wizard shortcut Shift+Alt+L
    • loop through the result with the Tab
    • and select the link with Enter



This configuration is on by default but you can disable it by unchecking the enableEnhancedLinkWizard configuration


No Data

This functionality depends on the data replication process. If you don't get the pages that you expect, you can perform a full replication manually. See How ComboStrap analyzes and replicates data ?

It does not work on the first opening

The first opening shows the standard list of pages in the actual namespace. This view is not customized because dokuwiki does not allow it.

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