ComboStrap - Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts are available and are really handy for editing and navigating a page.

They prevent hand problem by minimizing the usage of the mouse


The shortcuts are also called access key.

The first combination of key to press may be different by browser. This article assumes Firefox or Chrome

  • To edit a page, type Shift + Alt + E
    • In the editor:
      • Shift + Alt + L to open the link wizard.
      • Shift + Alt + P for preview
      • Shift + Alt + S for save
  • To go to the search box:
    • Alt + Shift + F
    • or Alt + D then Tab
  • To create from the selected text an heading
    • alt+8 for the same level than the previous heading
    • alt+9 for a level lower than the previous heading
    • alt+0 for a level higher than the previous heading
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