ComboStrap - List of the keyboard shortcuts (access key)

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Keyboard shortcuts are available and are really handy for editing and navigating a page.

They prevent hand problem by minimizing the usage of the mouse


The shortcuts are also called wiki/access key.

The first combination of key to press may be different by browser. This article assumes Firefox or Chrome

  • To edit a page, type Shift + Alt + E
    • In the editor:
      • Shift + Alt + L to open the link wizard.
      • Shift + Alt + P for preview
      • Shift + Alt + S for save
  • To go to the search box:
    • Alt + Shift + F
    • or Alt + D then Tab
  • To create from the selected text an heading
    • alt+8 for the same level than the previous heading
    • alt+9 for a level lower than the previous heading
    • alt+0 for a level higher than the previous heading

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