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This page is an optional and informative step that highlights important information that you should now about third party plugins.

ComboStrap supports third party plugins and you can see them all on their dedicated page.

You can install any plugin the same way as Combo with the extension manager.


We recommend to install the two below plugins.


We support the move plugin

You can quickly move a page with the rename action in the railbar.

Move Plugin Rename

Search Index Manager

We support also the Search Index Manager

It will:

  • recreate the index of all pages.
  • update the combostrap database.

You should use it:

  • if you move pages on the server via the file system (for instance in case of a new installation)
  • after each new release


Plugin and Combostrap update

After an installation, if you want to update a plugin or Combostrap and if you have a memory error, you need to update them via the manual install procedure.

Plugin support

We support all plugins that are working with a standard dokuwiki installation.

If you have any problems with a third party plugin:

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