Release 1.25.2


Release 1.25.2

Release 1.25.2


This page is about the details of the release 1.25.2.

This release is a bug/improvement/compatibility release that does not bring new core functionality.

If you want to upgrade combo, follow the steps in the update page.

Dokuwiki Kaos Compatibility

Combostrap is fully compatible with Kaos HotFix A.

The only backward feature is that the user can't delete its profile itself. See our test serie that reports this error.

Note that the FEED_DATA_PROCESS issue on the original Kaos version was resolved and integrated.

Breaking modification

The syntax analytics does not show the component anymore but the tag. Why? To improve performance, we capture all combo markup with one syntax, the tag was not part anymore of the component and was always combo_xmltag. We show know the tag for better analytics.


Last Sqlite Plugin Support

The last Sqlite plugin release has brought breaking changes. We support it now. See Commit

Mermaid upgrade

The mermaid diagram are now on the last version 10.2.3 that have a nicer look.

Private Toolbar disallow media manager and diff action

A private railbar disallow the media manager and the diff action to avoid the SEO indexing warning: Excluded By No Index Tag.

Excluded By Noindex Tag Google Console

No query string for permanent redirection

Permanent Redirect from the router does not get any query string anymore to avoid the SEO indexing warning: Alternative page with proper canonical tag

No default for the webcode toolbar button

The webcode toolbar does not have any default anymore.

TaskRunner lock

The Taskrunner process may run multiple times concurrently eating all memory. Only the indexer has now a lock See taskrunner-running-multiple-times-eating-the-memory-lock. We have therefore added a lock to run our event system sequentially.

Pid Cpu Mem
2198 75 1 Running /lib/exe/taskrunner.php?id=infra%3Aansible%3Astatus&1682671302
1179 44 8 Running /lib/exe/taskrunner.php?id=dat%3Aobiee%3Aobis%3Acast_as_date&1682686473
2166 44 8 Running /lib/exe/taskrunner.php?id=data_mining%3Af_statistic&1682713733
2181 25 8 Running /lib/exe/taskrunner.php?id=data%3Atype%3Acube%3Amodeling%3Amodeling&1682705762

It was not sufficient, we added a lock on the whole taskrunner process because it was eating all the memory.

Locks were not deleted in case of timeout

Because long processes may not terminate in the time given, timeout exception may occur. In this case, the taskrunner lock was not deleted. We have added a shutdown php hook to delete them.

If you have a lot of timeouts, you may need to modify:

  • the php.ini
  • or the file lib/exe/taskrunner.php to increase it.


// instead of 30 seconds


Boolean Values were not written

See Issue 61

Replication date was always empty on the metadata manager

The replication date is the only metadata written to the database and not on the disk. This difference was not taken into account when sending data to the metadata manager.

Error when the Url was not correct

The log file was filed with the following URL:

ComboStrap\ExceptionRuntimeInternal: The url in src has a bad encoding (the attribute have a amp; prefix. Infinite cache will not work.

Why? ComboStrap was throwing an error for bad URLs.

Solution: We don't throw a failure anymore but a warning. This error does not come from Combostrap but from external requests. Mostly from Bots, scanning your website.

Task Runner