ComboStrap - Release 1.23


The release 1.23 brings:

The icon are also seen as page image making them available as illustration for any iteration.

And more, see below for all details.




  • The cli documentation has been improved with Linux example and add the animal information in the output.
  • The carbon icon library is case sensitive. We follow the iconify standard and have added a mapping between lowercase name and physical name. For instance, csv is known in carbon as CSV.
  • If an icon does not have a viewBox, we create it to make it scalable. For instance, the fad random dice is not scalable.


  • Svg loading error such as web server error 500 for icon sends now an error and does not crash the page
  • Icon without viewBox where not rendering correctly. In a svg, if the viewBox is not present, we check now also the width and height of svg to determine the dimension.
  • Too many redirects caused by a point in the page url. A url validation function was not validating the url, if it has a point in it. The separators characters are now excluded from any slug and we double check if the url is an internal url by comrparing it with the base url.
  • iterator rendering was not working if there was just before a complex syntax such as table or list. The algorithm was parsing the whole tree and not only the iterator to detect complex mode. This is corrected.
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