ComboStrap - Release 1.14


The release 1.14 has made Combostap fully functional on the typographic side. It was needed to create landing page that requires to tweak the style a little bit.

There is also a lot of improvement in order to make the product easier to use.

Fixed Top Menu Bar Height should be set again

The height of the top menu bar is lost in the upgrade and should be set again to its initial value.

We missed it in the test case, sorry.

Bar renamed to slot

The bar configurations were changed and renamed to slot. The new release should take care of the migration but if there is any problem during the migration, you may not see your header, footer or sidebar. If this is the case, you should just set the value in your slot configuration



Page Layout: Landing Page

Markdown Code Syntax

Markdown Heading

The heading component supports also the ATX markdown heading.


print. The lazy loaded image are downloaded before print and the bars are cached to be able to print a page.

Outline Numbering

Outline Numbering is now fully customizable from decimal to latin-upper. Due to this change, the anchor are now located to the right and this is no more mandatory to use the renderer

New Statistics on component usage

You can now analyse the syntax used in your page with the syntax count analytics.

RTL and Component Language support

Credits page added


Heading can be styled - Easy

You can now style the content of your heading (adding icon, boldness, …)


  • The note component got also the userstyle class.
  • A note does not have any extra bottom margin. Due to the last paragraph of a note and the default stylesheet of the browser, the content was not centered vertically.

The link attribute can now be used with the styling attributes


The slide component gets responsive x margin. Using more left and right margins, the bigger the screen is.


  • The icon component accepts any length unit (such as rem) and padding was disabled because it makes the icon invisible.
  • The icon attached to the configuration is no more downloaded but included to the page and cached leading to a big performance gain.

HTML Super set

In html super set language, this is no more needed for an attribute:

  • to set a value if the value is true,
  • to enclose the value between between quotes if the value does not contain any spaces.


  • webcode shows the example code in a iframe. The markup code does not conflict with the code of the page. This was needed for the heading example.
  • webcode supports also the markdown code syntax
  • webcode has become a stack component leading to less HTML paragraph creation.


  • clickable can now be used in all components with a link. This is no more limited to grid and card.

The template Bar has been renamed slot

To improve the glossary, the template bar has been renamed to slot. This is to be abel to make the difference between:

  • a bar (ie a GUI component) such as the menubar or toolbar
  • and a slot (ie where content can be added in the template).

A bootstrap template is no more mandatory

Every template perfect: A bootstrap and strap template is no longer mandatory. If Bootstrap is not found, it will be added. The css of the template may conflict. This is the case for instance with the default Dokuwiki. In a button, this template sets the color of a:link and a:visited that takes precedence over the white text color and the text in the button is therefore not displayed. You need then to set the text color to white for each primary button.


brand is now a superset html component and allows all styling.


  • New: The automatic grid type. With this mode, the width of each column is automatically set and there is never an overflow on low screen size
  • The first paragraph of a grid does not touch the border anymore. The default stylesheet of the browser gave a zero margin and we corrected that.



  • The col tag of the grid is now known as cell which makes much more sense as you can have several cell that on several line.

Bar becomes slot

  • To not confound with the bar term as ui component, the bar of the strap template has been renamed to slot

The navbar has also be renamed to menu bar that convey much more it's functionality (being an horizontal bar with dropdown).

Title and Heading are known as heading

The title component is now integrated and known as a heading. No more difference, the context choose if this is an heading for an outline or not.



  • When the content of a rendered webcode is less than the default html element height of 150, the padding of the first descendant phrasing element would end up in the margin of the iframe html element.
  • Webcode was deleting the first p and last p if present. We got then an XHTML error when their was a first p but not a last p. It can be the case with a button and a div as this is with the collapse example

Bug: target configuration was not taken into account for internal link

Frontmatter section editing

  • Bug: edit section on frontmatter had a bad end position due to variable mismatch.


  • box does not delete paragraphs anymore (ie has become a stack component)
  • Bug: A link without description but with a separator was showing nothing. This is corrected and we get now the default page description.


The new bootstrap namespace was not applied and therefore collapse was not working with Bootstrap 5.

Raster Image

  • The width and height of the raster image were set on the intrinsic width and height on not on the requested width and height. There was then FOUC effect when the image was lazy downloaded .
  • The rounding dimension value was not to the closest but the the lowest integer value.


Dynamic Grid


The title component is now integrated and known as a heading. No more difference, the context choose if this is an heading for an outline or not.

The navbar has been renamed to menubar that convey much more it's functionality (being an horizontal bar with dropdown).

Typo is no known as text

  • Change: The typo component has been renamed to text
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