ComboStrap - Release 1.17



This release brings a new page navigational pane page-explorer that replaces the old deprecated ntoc.




  • Align understand now start and end to make page LTR or RTL language ready.
  • Added the a link to the page where a error message has occured. Why ? Because The error messages may be created in the background and are then not always relevant to the actual page visited.
    • ComboStrap begins to be no more dependent on Jquery
    • New: Disable backend Javascript
  • new Pipeline function: cut and trim
  • Improvement: hierarchical breadcrumb is showing the last part of the namespace path when it does not have any home page.
  • Improvement: An attribute may now have an empty string. This is needed as the root namespace id is the empty string.
  • Improvement: When a link does not have any description, we show the last part of the id.


    • A placeholder is shown with the good dimension when lazy loaded
    • Svg Injection was showing a broken image for a couple of second. This is because the underlying library let a src with no value. We just cache the image before the injection and show it again after.
  • Lazy loaded image has a transparent inline gif image placeholder that has an intrinsic dimension of 1×1 creating problem and layout shift when the image are responsive.
  • card-column layout in Bootstrap 5 is implemented via Masonry and a recalculation of the layout should be done after each image load.
  • As image crop is not supported, a warning message was shown and we didn't let the original code take over. Crop are now supported via the original code.
  • heading in webcode were seen as component heading and not as outline heading.
  • Bug: link with a path template variable were wrongly rewritten and added to the index.
  • Bug: sidekick slot has not its cached deleted in the auto cache bursting functionality (due to a hard written configuration)


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