ComboStrap - Release 1.16



This release has brought a old request. ie styling to the identity forms and many more bug fix and improvment.



Identify forms

Identify forms

  • New: login form
  • New register form
  • New resend form




  • Improvement: frontmatter process now the metadata at the render phase.


  • The option to span multiple line is no more supported for a link to preserve the parse tree. See error below.

Bug Solved

  • Bug: A link not closed (without ]]) followed by a closed link was making the parse tree not even and caused parsing issue on heading and other traversal.
  • Bug: slide had no padding on small screen
  • Bug: A Layout Shift was occuring because
    • their was no width and height attribute on a svg that added via the img
    • the styling of the svg returned was set to height“100% in place of height:auto

Layout Shift Bug

  • Bug: SEO, the page queried by the canonical were not added to the search index. Why ? Because they got a meta robots value of noindex,follow via the tpl_metaheaders function of Dokuwiki that check the INFO['exists'] value.


  • rename: collapse has been renamed to toggle

Minor Modification

  • Minor Modification: Due to the toggle, the prism class styling have been renamed from code-combo-pre to code-container-combo
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