ComboStrap - Template Iterator


iterator permits to loop and applies a template in order to create a list of pages.

You may apply the following layout:



The below iterator example:

  • will generate the last 4 modified pages (defined by the page sql in the data node)
select order by date_modified desc limit 4

The iterator markup:

    <data>select where is_low_quality = 0 order by date_modified desc limit 4</data>

    <heading d3 text-align="center" spacing="mb-3"> The last 4 Changes </heading>
            <card clickable>
            <page-image path="$path" ratio="16:9"/>
            === $title ===
            <itext color="muted"><date format="%h %d - %H:%M">$date_modified</date></itext>
            $description [[$path| ]]

The Result:

The last 4 Changes

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   <data>select where variable = 'xxx'</data>
   ... header  markup...
   <template>$variable1 ... $variable2</template>
   ... footer  markup...


  • data contains a page sql
  • template is a template that will be repeated for each data row.
  • If your iteration is time-based, you may need to set a page cache expiration frequency.
  • If the data does not return any rows, the iterator content is not printed (ie header and footer included)
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