What is a index page ?

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An index page is the page shown when a namespace is asked in the URL or link path.


A URL asking a namespace will look like that (ie with a backslash / at the end)


If this URL is entered in the Browser, then:

  • If there is not a start page but there is a page with the name of the namespace (ie bar), the page shown will be

Sql Templating

In a Page Sql, you can select all index pages with the attribute is_index


select where is_index = 1 order by path desc limit 4

On this website, this SQL will select the following pages.

WebSite Home Page

The website home page is a special index page that has its own documentation : App - WebSite Home Page


The following template have been created for index pages:

These templates don't have the following layout elements:



The dokuwiki configuration config%3Astartpage permits to set the name of the index page. By default, this is start but an other known name is index.

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