ComboStrap Routing - Redirection


A redirection occurs when a missing/non-existing page is requested.

The processing and the type of redirections executed are explained below.


ComboStrap performs four kind of redirection:


The redirection procedure / processing is explained below.

If the requested page does not exist:

  1. if this is a banned path, redirect transparently to the website home page
  2. if this is a valid page url, redirect transparently
  3. if this is a permanent url that does not match the page url, redirect with a permanent redirection
  4. if this is a permalink, redirect with a permanent redirection
  5. if an existing page with an alias is found, redirect to this page
    1. with a permanent redirection if the alias type is redirect
    2. with a transparent redirection if the alias type is synonym
  6. if a page rules redirect applies, redirect to the calculated page with a permanent redirection.
  7. if the user has a write permission, redirect the writer to the editor
  8. if the user has only read permission, follow the redirect actions in order


You can query the redirection via the log.

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