How the page cache is working ?


This page is talking about the cache management of a page.

A page is composed of slot (main, side) and each slot rendering goes into the cache until:

The sideslot cache expires also when the name, h1, title or description metadata of the main slot changes. See the dedicated page about automatic side slot cache management: Performance - Automatic Side Slot Cache Management

Expiration Date

You can set the expiration date of a page with two methods:

Expiration Frequency

If you need to delete the page cache at interval because your page contains time-based data, you can use the page cache expiration frequency.

Cache time interval

The cache time interval is a standard dokuwiki application configuration that sets a maximum age for the cache file.

If the interval has expired since the last creation date of the cache, the cache has expired and there is a cache miss.

You can read more on the Dokuwiki dedicated page.


In the cache tab of the metadata manager, you can see all cache hit or miss for the slots.

For each slot, you can see the cache:

  • for the parsing instructions (the parse tree)
  • for the html page
  • for the metadata

After 3 rendering, you should see only cache hits.

  • the first rendering will do the initial work
  • the second one will be partial because we set a database replication date in the metadata
  • the third one should be only cache hit.

When you hover on the cache hit link, you can see the individual date time of each cache file

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